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“This Guy Is Unreal I’m Not Gonna Lie” – Nick Kyrgios Lauds Rafael Nadal

Nick Kyrgios doesn’t praise anyone easily. Especially a certain somebody named Rafael Nadal. Both of them have played each other 8 times, but in such a short head-to-head, their rivalry has become one of the most controversial rivalries.

But Kyrgios today reposted an old video of him and Nadal playing a rally in their 2016 Italian Open match. In 2016, Kyrgios posted the video and with caption hailing Rafa as the Greatest of all time on a clay court.

“Guess that’s why u the GOAT on the dirt,” Nick wrote

Today remembering the match Kyrgios called Nadal unreal and admired the Spaniard. He posted a story about it.

“This guy is unreal I’m not gonna lie.” Nick wrote

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So it’s nice to see Kyrgios leaving behind all the controversy between him and Nadal. As a tennis player, Kyrgios appreciated what deserves appreciation.

Rafael Nadal and Nick Kyrgios Controversy

Things went haywire between Kyrgios and Nadal after their clash in Acapulco in 2019. The match was highly tense and Kyrgios saved numerous match points to win the match. But his antics during the match did not suit Nadal. Kyrgios had taken multiple timeouts to aid his sore back. He then shouted shut up to the crowd and also threw in some underarm serves which Rafa didn’t like.

“I don’t think he’s a bad guy, not at all. I think he’s a good guy. But what he lacks is a little respect for the public, for his rival, and also for himself. I think he should improve that.” Nadal about Nick Kyrgios

To this comment, Kyrgios called Rafa salty. And in turn said that Nadal had no respect for Kyrgios, Kyrgios’ fans, and the game.

“He’s my polar opposite and he’s super salty. When he wins it’s fine, he will credit the opponent. But as soon as I beat him he has no respect for me, my fans, or the game.” Kyrgios replying to Nadal’s comments.

Nevertheless, the duo have seemed to move on. Both of them talk less about each other and whenever they face each other it’s always a fierce encounter.

Source: Instagram – Nick Kyrgios

Read More“This Guy Is Unreal I’m Not Gonna Lie” – Nick Kyrgios Lauds Rafael Nadal

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